When KARARA opened its first restaurant in 2009, the idea was simple: make food to enjoy with family at home, show that Indian food served in takeout style without having a "fast-food" touch. Using high-quality raw ingredients, classic cooking techniques with natural spices and herbs, we brought features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick-service restaurants.

Over the years later, our devotion to finding the very best ingredients we can—with respect to best culinary practices by keeping it simple, fresh and uniquely North Indian (Punjabi). And as we grow, our dedication to creating an exceptional experience for our customers is the natural result of cultivating a culture of genuine, rewarding opportunities for our employees.

We also believe that life is better together and we know everyone is happiest when we're with family. Whether that's family by relation or by choice; traditional, blended or extended; neighbors, coworkers or teams; friends, groups or just "the gang." We love everyone like family. And, at KARARA this approach extends beyond our favorite dishes, promoting togetheess in everything we do. A True Canadian Way ToGo.