What is your Pickup, Delivery Time & Delivery Area ?

We do deliveries for Dinner Time only starting at 5:00pm till 9:00pm.

Our Pickup time is 20 minutes. Delivery Time is 50-55 mins

We currently deliver within 5-6 kms in diameter from our location.

**We can deliver during Lunch time if its a Group Lunch or Catering

How long does it take for Delivery?

Our standard Delivery Time is 50-55minutes. But sometimes we get whole lot of deliveries and we will inform you the time.

Delivery time also varies with traffic, road condition, new development, heavy snow and rain.

Can I cancel my order?


  • Yes & No. Depends on the whether order is already cooked and packed ready to go.
  • Please call the location and talk to them,
  • We don't like wasting or garbaging nicely cooked food.
Are you providing Monthly Meal Plans

yes..we do...please call the manager at 613.627.2772 extn# 5 

Do you Cater events & parties?

Yes, we do catering. Please fill in the PARTY form or call the manger directly at 613.627.6227 extn#5 and get a quote.

Do you do wholesale or bulk preparation of food and snacks?

Yes, we do. Please contact the manager directly at 613.627.6227 extn# 5 to discuss your requirement.

Please make sure you give us advance notice.