The possibility of being genuinely rewarded for your business might sound unbelievable. At KARARA, such an idea is not just a possibility, but an authentic reality. The KARARA REGARD Points Program is an exclusive benefit to you, our valued KARARA Client. As a ‘thank you’ for your business, we will give you Regard Points* on online orders redeemable for a wide variety of food items on our menu. We are proud to state that KARARA Regard Points can be used as soon as they are received, with no need to delay and no ‘blackout’ periods regarding their redemption. It’s just another example of our mission to pay our regards to your business, provide you, the client, with a higher standard of service.

Where permitted by law. KARARA The Indian Takeout – Regard Points Program is not available in a Plastic or Metal Card form, instead, is offered only during Online Ordering through our website and can be redeemable only on our website for any of our locations